Summer Camp 2024
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A teacher at Ayla International School reading a captivating storybook to attentive children sitting on the floor during circle time, emphasizing the importance of literacy and shared learning experiences in the school's approach.

At Ayla, we nurture a love of learning in every child.

Our dual immersion program and fun, interactive activities help students develop essential skills in language arts, math, science, and more. Explore our class offerings and join our vibrant community of learners today!

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Morning Classes
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Children Explore Their World Through Play

Children are naturally curious and love to explore their world, and they learn best through play, and our program provides them with many opportunities to do just that.

Nursery Class Kanaria
(1 - 2 years old)

unstructured play, which help develop gross motor skills, cooperation, and creativity. Additionally, our program incorporates music, art, nature walks, dance, storytimes, and dual immersion language learning to further enrich their early learning experience.

All children learn best when having fun, and we designed the Kanaria Class to provide a fun and stimulating environment for toddlers to explore their world.

Hibari and Tsubame Classes
(3-4 years old & 5-6 years old)

Our Hibari and Tsubame classes use educational games to teach essential pre-reading skills such as phonemic awareness, letter and sound recognition, hiragana, basic math concepts, and hands-on science exploration. We also emphasize language arts and interpersonal skills development, fostering a love for learning in a fun and engaging environment. In addition, these classes integrate short field trips and enjoyable events to create an interesting, interactive learning experience, ensuring a well-rounded education for our students.

Learning should be fun and engaging, so we strive to create a supportive atmosphere where children can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Extended Care
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

We offer extended care services for busy parents who need a safe and reliable place for their children after our regular school hours. Our extended care program provides a variety of fun and educational activities for children of all ages in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

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Morning Program Schedule
Doors Open
Learning Centers / Playhut
Morning Circle
Toilet-time / Activity
Park / Lunch
J-Talk / Japanese Songs
Morning Classes End!
What to Bring List
Smock, apron, bandana
Change of clothes & a big ziplock bag (for laundry)
Hand towel
Lunch, cup, fork, spoon, and chopsticks
Hat and sunscreen lotion (in sunny weather)
A favorite toy (if needed during the transition period)
Reminder: Please make sure that you print your child's name clearly (using block letters) on all their belongings.

After School Classes

Students and a teacher from Ayla International School actively engaged in a hands-on science experiment, reflecting the school's commitment to experiential learning and fostering curiosity.

After School Programs offer a variety of engaging activities that help children learn and practice English and other languages, explore different cultures, and express themselves creatively.

After School Classes
3 pm - 6 pm

Ages 3 - 9 years old

These programs are offered based on availability, so please check with us for more information.

Choose from 2-hour or 3-hour sessions of Hikari and Asahi classes, depending on your child's needs and class availability.

Hikari Class

Hikari Class is for non-native speakers and helps children express themselves through stories, dance, and improvisation.

Asahi Class

Explore the world of art in a fun and engaging English immersion program for budding artists.

After School Subject List

Blabber Lips: Learn English through conversations, questions, and activities.

Giggles: Introduce children to English with singing, dancing, chanting, acting, and arts & crafts.

Letter Land: Help children develop English reading skills.

Little Amigos: Explore Spanish culture, geography, cooking, numbers, and pronunciation.

Shiitake Club: Introduce children to Japanese culture, traditions, and friendships.

Sakura & Hanabi Class: Learn daily conversational Japanese, slang, and colloquial expressions while exploring local culture and etiquette.

Mandarin Chinese Class: Teach conversational Mandarin, basic Chinese characters, and Chinese culture, music, and festivals.

After School Program Schedule
Blabber Lips, Giggles, Letter Land Doors Open
Shitake Club, Japanese Fun, Park Time Learning Centers, Playhut
Story time, Origami, Snack
Afterschool and Extended Care End
What to Bring List
Smock, apron, bandana
Hand towel
Reminder: Please make sure that you print your child's name clearly (using block letters) on all their belongings.